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“The 1-2-1 coaching sessions I had with Sam were invaluable and inspirational. Not only did she really challenge my thinking and push me to question the ways I do things but she has really helped my thinking in my role as Talent Strategy Director and how to better influence people to make things happen… I am confident this coaching has helped lead me to a recent appointment on the Leadership Team. Thank you for your help and support last year in our coaching sessions.”
Aimee Welsh, Talent Strategy Director, Join the Dots

“Excellent, allowed me to reflect and learn new techniques that will enable me to continue my effective communication development. Also, it was very helpful to meet other great leaders. Dr Sam is a passionate, engaging coach and the story telling throughout the day was extremely powerful. It exceeded my expectations.”
Beth Butterwick, CEO, Karen Millen

“Personally and professionally, the workshop was the best investment in training and development and a day of my time, that I have made over a 30 year career (which included a medical degree and an MBA!). I have come away with the confidence and tools to make my impact, and thus the impact of my charity, exponentially higher. No matter whether the audience be beneficiaries, politicians, scientists, potential donors, trustees or staff, I know I will be able to communicate with them - powerfully and effectively - to get to a positive outcome.”
Dr Penny Woods, Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation

“It is the first women only event that I have been to and found it very supportive and non-confrontational. I met some impressive women and would like to keep in touch with the group.”
Clare Bury, Training Manager, Air Safety Support International

“The workshop was very inspiring and motivating, and the day provided me with new energy to push myself further both personally and professionally. The event felt very tailored. Having so many attendees and also being able to facilitate a lot of group work and meaningful interaction was very unique. The range and diversity of attendees was also unique and for me, personally, it was very powerful to see women of all levels coming together and supporting each other.”
Salma Khanche, Parent Participation Officer, The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

“Extremely powerful and valuable. I have never attended a programme like this.”
Shabana Qadir, Community Neighbourhoods Manager, London Borough of Newham

“Sam Collins’ presentational style, her inspirational delivery and how she brings everyone together is totally unique. You leave her sessions feeling truly lifted and with the knowledge that you have achieved a lot already and can maximise your potential to do more- professionally and in your personal life. I found that the workshop has given me greater confidence and has improved my communication technique. I have networked with internal and external organisations and will continue to engage with the delegates that I have met.”
Shirley Joseph, Diversity Consultant, Talent Leadership and Inclusion, Home Office

“Sam Collins was extremely engaging, motivating and inspiring to listen to. She connected well with the group, and therefore the workshop was extremely valuable to attendees at any level in their communication & leadership journey.”
Eileen Christie, Senior Portfolio Delivery Manager, Standard Life

“Some useful take away tactics which I can use and are simple enough to share with others. The impact of the workshop and its content - through Sam's delivery - for me personally was very powerful. Communication was clear, considered, passionate, empowered and positively delivered - I will be back!”
Clair Slevin, Head of Internal Communications, Mitchells & Butlers

“I found it incredibly enriching to be with so many authentic women. The atmosphere was collaborative and supportive, very refreshing. I returned to work with renewed confidence and enthusiasm and have embraced some of the techniques I acquired. The result is that I am more confident and poised and less overwhelmed by difficult relationships.”
Jane Storie, Director of Development, Foundation for Future London

“I had a brilliant two days and have already invested in some “genius time”. I really want to be part of that 20% who make a change and don’t want to lose the buzz, the sense of potential and my belief in my ability to make a difference that the conference has given me. Thank you so much to you, your amazing team and the inspiring people who shared their stories.”
Carolyn Parker, Head of People Strategy & Engagement, The Home Office

“I found the recent workshop inspiring, thought provoking and personally and professionally challenging. It was an incredibly positive experience and I gained so much more than I ever thought I would. I am already taking the things I’ve learnt and applying them to how I work and will be utilising the strategic planning model with my team as we move into the new year!”
Liz Skipper, Senior Development Manager, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation

“I just wanted to say thank you for the webinar which I found really useful and inspirational.”
Julie Mortimer, Financial Controller, Volvo Group UK Limited

“I would just like to say thank you. It was a great workshop – the best I have ever been on.”
Kim Durniat, Partner, Barnett Waddingham LLP

“It was by far the most productive and inspiring course I’ve been on to date and I felt really motivated to achieve my vision and change my way of working in order to do so. It’s the sort of course I think every woman should have access to and I'll certainly be urging my own daughter to attend something like this when she’s older (she’s only 10 at the moment!).”
Sara Willcocks, Head of Marketing & Communications, Spurgeons

“I can't remember the last time I felt this positive about pretty much everything, including awful weather. Last night I did my action on the train home and it made me remember how much I've achieved over the years. The only negative being I had to put your book down to achieve it! Today I've had a difficult conversation with a difficult person and it went really well. I stood my ground, really believed in myself and convinced them my way was valid and the best option. I also managed to use some of the hat questions to ask a team member why they were avoiding something with a positive outcome. There aren't enough times I can say thank you.”
Caroline Hale, Finance Director, The H Group Limited

“Thank you so much for yesterday - it was awesome! I’ve been waxing lyrical at work today about how much I enjoyed the day and how powerful it was for me.”
Pauline Wilson, Operations Director, Virgin Holidays Ltd

“Thank you. I woke up this morning buzzing, feeling positive and ready for the day ahead. I have a sense of clarity about the truth of my life and a picture of how I want it to be. Please, for all the women out there who doubt themselves, who are hung up about not fitting the cookie-cutter leader shape, keep doing this.”
Kirsten Tedder, Regional Finance Director – EMERI, Christie's International

“Aspire are a talented team of forceful, visionary women who bring a refreshing energy and edge to every aspect of their work. Working with Dr Sam Collins keeps me honest, focused and energised to realise the huge potential I have to make a difference.”
Mel Stack, President, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Yankee Candle Company Ltd

“Coaching created a structured space for me. It helped me better prioritise my many often competing priorities and really helped me understand what makes me tick and what it is that drives me and makes me feel well.”
Connie Carnabuci, Partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Hong Kong

“My 1-to-1 Coaching was tailored, punchy and met my needs and made me set time aside to think. It challenged me and my assumptions and gave me some tools to better manage a number of situations. It will greatly assist me with what I have to achieve this year.”
Aisling Burnand MBE, Chief Executive, BioIndustry Association

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for this week… was awesome. I was overwhelmed by the amazing women; thank you so much for creating the opportunity to be inspired.”
Kim Lloyd, Global supply chain manager and UK/ Eire D&I leader, Procter and Gamble

“Best practice, knowledge and experience. I really valued the coaching and consultation that helped us to use Aspire know-how in our Diversity project in Western Europe.”
Stepanka Dolezalova, Regional Head of HR, Linklaters,

“I am sure that there were many women leaping home in joy and full of commitments to start making their dreams a reality. Thank you for creating/enhancing this positive outlook.”
Doerte Steinhoff, Senior Geologist, Australia, BP

“I thought last week was awesome and I am already putting some of the ideas into practice and determined to be in the 20%. Thank you for an amazing event and opening my eyes to how important M.A.D is to me.”
Sharon Scully, Deputy CEO, AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd

“Our delegates all got well and truly out of their comfort zones and we have properly kickstarted our diversity programme (or, as I have put it, we have chucked lots of pebbles in the pond of change and the individual ripples will join up into a ruddy great big wave!)”
Sarah Walker-Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Browne Jacobson LLP

“Thank you, Sam, for hosting a really energising event. I have come back inspired to put my visioning into action and build the future I want rather than the one that comes my way.”
Joanna Phillips, Head of Reward & Recognition, Carnival Plc

“Thank you so much for organising the event last week. I feel that I learnt so much from it; met some wonderful people and it really pushed me to make some changes that are going to help in all aspects of my life, and following this, the lives of others! Your book was also wonderful to read, I found it moving, funny, inspiring and heart-warming.”
Laura Kogan, Marketing Manager, 8build

“I feel refreshed, inspired and like a totally new woman. I am certain this experience is going to be life changing for me and for that I want to say a huge thank you. I will continue to spread the word of the work of Aspire to other women alike, because all of us need to have the opportunity to attend an Aspire event. From me and all the other trailblazers, thank you, we are truly grateful.”
Naomi Brooks, Salon owner, The Hair Sanctuary

“It was another truly wonderful few days. It has given me a kick and an oomph and a good strong dose of BELIEF in myself and the special person I am - YES, I am pretty special, dammit!”
Gina Seilern, Independent Consultant: Gender, Communications, Wellbeing

“Thank you so much for a fabulous couple of days, but more than that, for the encouragement to really make a difference and focus on the future, feeling and playing with the fears, remembering the visions and being a leader (although in a relatively small way) in all the different aspects of my life.”
Jane Franklin, Deputy Head Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, British Council

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for this event… was awesome. I was overwhelmed by the amazing women; thank you so much for creating the opportunity to be inspired.”
Kim Lloyd, Global Supply Chain Manager and UK/ Eire D&I Leader, Procter and Gamble

“Many thanks for yesterday’s session, which I found inspiring, motivating and practical – the three things that you bring in spades and to so many women!  I was a good recipient of your advice, working through the exercises as you set them, and so went home fired up to do something more with my plans and purpose this year.”
Terri Lucas, Partner & Director of Marketing Strategy, Hymans Robertson LLP

“Thank you so much again for an amazing conference last week! I found it truly motivating.”
Karen Forrest, Director, IHG Business Rewards, InterContinental Hotels Group

“I just wanted to say how brilliant I thought the ‘Connected Leadership’ event was. I took so much from it and am excited about the next step for me. Thanks for your inspiration, motivation and energy.”
Laura Stead, Former Advertising Manager, BMW Group

“A massive thank you for an incredibly thought provoking two days....we now have 30+ women empowered to share some messages and learning in our organisation.”
Laura Simarro, HR Business Partner, Thames Water Utilities Limited

“It was indeed a full and energising 2 days. It was my first experience of Aspire and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have made some great contacts, some of whom I know I will keep in touch with.”
Sarah Thomas, Director Commercial Support, Midlands and East of England, National Westminster Bank Plc

“The past few days have been an amazing experience!”
Kathryn Wynne-Jones, Director of Performance and Delivery, NHS Oldham CCG

“Thank you. I had an amazing and inspiring time and cannot wait to get started on my Mission 15!”
Sarah Chamberlain, Assistant Principal: Head of Sixth Form, Seevic College

“Thanks for a great couple of days, I have never come away from a course feeling so positive and purposeful. My buddy and I have already been in touch, and have already both acted on one of our commitments.”
Lauren Hosking, Developer Services, Thames Water Utilities Ltd

“Well, what a couple of days that was! An absolute blast. Thank you! So many useful contacts and focussed action to take forward. All very thought-provoking with some great tools and techniques as well as some amazing exercises, especially the networking session and the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ sessions.”
Maxine M. Taylor, Director, International and UK  External Relations, King's College London

“I thoroughly enjoyed the last two days and am most inspired and energised. I am raring to go and don’t want any day to go by where I have not progressed something, however little.”
Grace Padonou Addy, OD Manager: Leadership & Change, Croydon Council

“We are all so “busy being busy and doing” that I was not too sure I had the time to go on the course but I did eventually sign up and attend. I would recommend any fellow woman that has a challenge to find time for themselves, or to put themselves before work or others, to stop and sign up. Aspire allowed me to focus on ME and MY goals and was the best decision I have made for a long time! I would recommend the same prescription to anyone looking to prioritise what life is all about and what you want to achieve out of life for YOU.”
Sue Kernahan, General Manager, Coloplast Ltd

“I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for a great webinar. You picked some great topics and the 90 minutes just flew by. You refreshed my memory on some topics and taught me some useful new instruments. The webinar really was useful and inspiring, and believe me, we are already putting those instruments to use!”
Joanna Golina, Togliatti Branch Manager, FINCA Russia

“Intuitive and alternative views of your next steps towards your goal. Dr Collins takes your head from your 'behind' and focuses you in on your actual goal. Practical, pragmatic and inspirational peppered with a bit of magic! Loved it and the group I worked with. Do it. What's the best that could happen!”
Laura Dunbar, Client Development Manager, Bond Dickinson LLP

“Thank you so much for having me at the MAD Leadership event over the last two days. I got so much out of it and learnt so much about myself. It was exhausting but completely inspiring and so valuable – thanks to you at the front of it and the support of some fascinating and talented women around you.”
Kate Jones, Education Campaigns Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

“Thanks for an amazing event. It was a real privilege to be there and hear yours and others’ stories which have really helped me.”
Yvonne Buckingham, Head of Marketing, Bluestone Resorts Ltd

“I am going to be using a photo from the Aspire MAD Leadership event as a visual reminder of how amazing you all are and how we can all make a difference everyday…listen to our hearts and gut and that strength and power will grow. I have lots of new friends and we are already planning on how we can be there for each other.”
Claire Courtney, Business Development Controller, Cereal Partners UK

“I am one of your M.A.D alumni having spent an awesome past 2 days in your company and that of a dynamic group of inspirational women. Everyone was so kind and generous with their time, knowledge and insights. Spurred on by my exciting and challenging 2 days I will be leaving the company I have worked in for over 20 years to spend time to find my purpose and then go for it!! I did not realise this was what I was going to do but now I know.”
Angela Lipscomb, Senior Communications & Events Specialist, Marketing Communications, Transport for London

“Thank you so much for the most amazing 2 days! I was a MAD Virgin, so last week was my initiation into Aspire and all the wonderful women in your network. Plenty of thought provoking content and activities, plenty of energy and fun! I’ve never met so many truly inspirational women in one place which is a testament to you and your infectious and inspirational leadership style. Fabulous.”
Louisa Steensma, VP HR EMEA, Getty Images

“I just wanted to send you a massive, heart-felt thank you. I have never attended anything as motivational, inspiring and downright fun as this event. You and your fellow MAD women are amazing and I feel privileged to have been part of that event. I was feeling a bit lost, but by the end of the conference, I was clear about what I wanted to do next, and was armed with plenty of tools to help me, along with fantastic support from fellow attendees. I came to the event worried that I didn’t have enough passion or energy left in me – and had rediscovered it within the first hour. Thanks again – for the tears, laughter and sheer power of being in a room connecting with so many awesome women!”
Kelly Furneaux, Group Managing Director, Informa Pharma Division, Informa

“I just wanted to say thank you. There is no denying the energy created over the past 2 days stays with you - just one day later and already many of us are emailing each other as if we’ve been friends for years and the stories and energy generated within my team since I got back in the office has been noticeable.”
Carrie Wray, Senior Service Delivery Manager, VocaLink

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the MAD experience. The past two days have had a lifelong impact on me. My partner and I now have a plan of action to start our own business NOW and it’s all because of MAD leadership and how it made me view things. I’ve been so caught up in getting promoted, new projects, new challenges that I forgot about the new opportunity to create my own business, and suddenly that has become my new focus. So you are right, things happen for a reason, seize the moment, don’t hesitate and just do it!”
Alison Miles, Senior Service Manager, VocaLink

“I have felt trapped for a long time and have really missed the younger, more driven, exuberant and flamboyant person I used to be. Thanks to the mentoring and exercises over the last couple of days and speaking to so many amazing women from so many backgrounds, I have been able to reconnect with this person and for the first time in years, feel invigorated and excited for the future. I could go on and on, but in short, it was a complete revelation!”
Sheryl Plant, Press Officer, Breast Cancer Care

“I can’t thank you enough for the last 2 days of MAD Leadership – truly life-changing for me and I have met the most amazing women ever! The energy in the room was electric. I now have a fab new tribe and so many contacts/ supporters/ mentors that I NEVER had before.”
Lindsay Middleton, Finance Business Partner, Just Retirement

“I recently attended day 1 of MAD Leadership and as a result feel refreshed and inspired to stride forward with authentic presence. Thank you for the work you do, I didn’t have any particular expectations about the event and how the learning would work but after attending I understand the true value of meeting with and sharing experiences with like-minded women.”
Suzanne Mercer, HR Director, Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

“Thank you so much for the opportunity – it was a truly amazing and inspired event. The energy in the room was palpable.”
Val Green, Head of Organisational Development, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I loved the ‘Reimagine’ event; it was refreshing, challenging, insightful and full of fabulous women. I'm feeling very motivated and ready to achieve that vision.”
Ellen McGonigal, Owner/ Managing Director, Axon Publishing

“A team that works tirelessly to assist women to succeed, offering events that take individuals through a thought process that helps them make some fundamental decisions. A team that are on the ball and don’t leave anything to chance. Fun and creative in their delivery of material.”
Alex Gracey, Customer Contact & Sales Director, Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd

“Aspire is a fantastic, energetic, positive and inspirational organisation that wants to influence the lives of women worldwide. It was an absolute pleasure to be in a room filled like-minded, authentic women who truly want you to be the best you can be - the event I attended did not feel at all corporate and you could feel the heart and soul of everyone in the room.”
Natalie Sigona, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Rolls-Royce plc

“An opportunity to work in a safe environment with talented women to reframe, challenge and change your thinking who help you achieve what you didn't think was possible. Very well facilitated and good to have women from different areas. Very honest and personal very quickly and this pleasantly surprised me.”
Nicola Payne, VP HRM, Visa Europe Services Inc

“I would like to thank you for the truly inspiring ‘Powerful Communicator’ workshop. In many ways the day has made a fundamental shift in my perception and clarified my purpose. I met an amazing group of women all of whom were inspirational – there was such a positive and uplifting energy at the workshop.”
Eileen Jacques, Chief Officer, Healthwatch North Somerset

“The Aspire Conference was truly, truly inspiring and humbling and visionary and wonderful. It was also quite unlike any conference I'd been to before (in a good way!!) Thank you for all you are doing to help the dreams of women come true.”
Sarah Bond, Ex-European Head of Diversity and Employee Engagement, KPMG LLP

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a pleasure to meet you and all the strong and capable women in the room. You have inspired me to continue to aspire to make a difference and to continue to speak up for what is right. Your workshop has made me think that I have a duty to myself, my young daughter and to everyone to try to reach a bigger position of influence so that I can try and change things for the good of everyone.”
Sarah Adams, Sector Manager, Financial Services, Ordnance Survey

“We worked with Aspire to launch a programme of activity to increase the gender diversity in our Global Operations function and Aspire’s work is focused very much on promoting this area of expertise, so it was a really good fit with what we were looking to do. We had a really positive experience and we’ve received great feedback from our female employees who have participated in events to date. Would I recommend Aspire? Absolutely!”
Laura Howard, Global Lead HR Business Partner - IS, AstraZeneca

“I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing day – I don’t think it is over-cooking it to say I found it life changing. I was immediately able to put the learning into practice the following day at a couple of very tricky meetings and it made a complete difference to both the outcomes I was expecting but also how I felt going into and coming out of the meetings. I faced some really stiff challenges and felt completely able to overcome them and the anxiety I would normally have felt waiting for my slot completely dissipated. Not only that but I have a really strong network of like-minded women now who have all been in touch in the last few days. Thank you so much – you and your team are amazing!”
Nicola Browell, Head of Operations - TU Claims, Tesco Underwriting

“Thank you for the event last night. I was amazed at how sitting in front of the computer for an hour and a half could be so inspiring. It made me realise that I have been looking at networking in a purely business sense, rather than a combination of business and professional. I now realise that life is one big network and that many of my personal network can cross over into my business network. I particularly loved the idea of “Brand Me".”
Debbie Scriven, Group Financial Accountant, Interserve plc

“Aspire webinars are engaging from the off and keep your attention for the duration. You start to feel like you're part of a group with real time chat and interactive voting. The 90 minutes felt like 20 and Dr Collins kept our attention the whole time. Her delivery is pacey and fun and there was so much crammed in to the webcast - great value for money development! As a Development Manager, I will be recommending Samantha and the Aspire webinars to my colleagues.”
Nadine Taylor, Group L&D Manager, The Phoenix Group

“Thank you for yesterday. It was a great experience in which I was greatly surprised at how much I got from it. A great experience and hopefully we might be able to share that with some of the women and girls we have here at Sage. I think it is important to recognise that actually it isn't just lessons for the work place but also for the home as I look at my daughter who is 7 and I want to empower her so that actually she has the confidence to run with her big idea whatever that may be in the future.”
Amanda Carr, Quality Audit Manager, Sage Ltd

“What most stands out about Aspire is the quality of the team, its focus on women and on the whole person. Aspire coaches encourage women not to feel sorry for themselves but to take action. In doing so, they consider the importance of a woman's personal circumstances and how that affects her professional life.”
Melissa Raciti, Partner, Freshfields New York

“No messing around, you get straight to the core issues. No awful role plays or endless feedback sessions which don't add value.”
Nicola Browell, Head of Claims, Tesco Underwriting

“A huge thanks for organising and inviting me to the International Women's Day event. At the end of the night I left feeling incredibly moved and inspired to live a bold life! I've opened up new possibilities and connected again with what I want for my life. I'm even more committed to supporting social change and making a difference in the world.”
Marie Broad, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, SThree

“Thank you and your wonderful team and volunteers for such an inspiring two days.”
Mary Millar, Director, MM HR Consulting

“Wow! That was an awesome day, I met some great women, learnt some new things about myself and had a real epiphany. I thought the Aspire team delivered the session with integrity and passion and I was genuinely inspired by them.”
Tamar Hughes, L&D Consultant, The Phoenix Group

“I would describe Aspire as a company which 'walks the talk' in terms of promise against delivery in the courses, webinars etc. There is a very clear motivation within Aspire to 'make a difference' and 'grow' individuals and the Foundation which gives the company an energy and purpose from which everyone benefits”
Beverley Sandy, Director of Finance and Resources, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

“I would describe Aspire as an organisation that connects Corporate and Entrepreneurial women with women who work for 'not for profit' organisations and charities so that they can both benefit from a reciprocal mentoring relationship. I have told my colleagues and friends that Aspire is totally professional, it's making a difference for women in the workplace and that your courses and seminars are totally awe inspiring.”
Teresa Mullen, Organisational Learning Manager, EDF Energy

“An amazing organisation that inspires and brings women together to make the world a better place for women and girls to succeed in their lives, whatever their goals may be.”
Alison Middleton, Senior HR Manager, Baker & McKenzie, Greater China

“I love the webinars. Dr Collins is great at making content memorable with anecdotes and personal experiences that bring the subject matter to life. It's also really good to see the comments that are made by participants throughout them as they provide both inspiration and a reality check that other people experience similar issues to me.”
Fiona Wales, L&D Manager, Centrica Storage Ltd

“What a fabulous, truly international experience the Conference was!  I came with three goals, (personal development, network extension and new ideas to support women's progression in our firm) and this conference delivered on all three.”
Bev Lockwood , North Region Change Lead , PricewaterhouseCoopers UK

“I attended a workshop for women’s development and my view of what Aspire did well was, within 7 hours max, to get a dozen women sharing their concerns, making friends, making promises, growing in confidence and all to make it a better world for themselves and (not surprisingly) for others. A great outcome for not a great cost.”
Carol McCletchie OBE, HR Director, Cleveland Fire Brigade

“Everything was perfect yesterday - we couldn’t have imagined it to be better. The Aspire team did a GREAT job. I joined them at the beginning and the room was quiet. By the time they finished the seminar, we couldn’t stop the participants from talking and mingling! Everything went smoothly and we are all very happy with the outcome.”
Sahar Al Baharna, Chief Executive, Human Ex, Bahrain

“Simply the best programme I have ever been on.”
Sylvia Ross, Head of Cultural Development, BDO LLP

“I can honestly say that the Living Legacy Programme has really changed my life. I not only feel more confident in my own ability and more prepared to take on greater challenges, I also feel I have found something I am "passionate about". I feel there is something that has been lit up inside me - I truly feel different.”
Meghan Harbrow, Head of Operations, Kroll

“Absolutely inspiring, fruitful, interactive, exiting, relevant. Thank you very much. It shows me how passionate you are about it and how you care about that this programme will be a real success”
Nathaly Wagner Glöggler, HR Learning & Development, KPMG, Switzerland

“The programme has enabled me to re-focus on what is important to me, which has made life in general seem much more worthwhile. My work-life balance is now much better which has given me more energy and made me noticeably happier.”
Helen Friend, Senior Tax Manager, BDO LLP

Building Blocks for the Girls

We have to believe inside that we deserve to be where we are, and to achieve what we have achieved. But we also have to understand that we cannot hold a belief that society owes us anything and instead make our own destinies, and likewise complain that nothing will ever change without understanding that we can control our own reality.