Aspire - Leadership for the future

A leader in research related to gender diversity issues, women leaders, and workplace best practices.

ASPIRE remains at the forefront of gender diversity research with its annual, international study of top female and male leaders in the UK and 22 other countries, including the United States, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, and others.

The resulting “Success Secrets of Female Leaders” Report represents most major industries, from banking/finance to marketing, manufacturing, retail, media, human resources, not-for-profits, and public sectors. It draws practical conclusions on the state of women in business around the world, and offers tips and strategies for women business leaders on how to communicate, inspire, and influence powerfully; how to balance work life and home life; how to boost self-confidence; and how to deliver results in tough times.

Additionally, ASPIRE in the unique position of working with a number of global companies at varying points along the gender diversity spectrum, affording keen and fresh insight into what works, what doesn’t work, and best practices from all over the world.

Building Blocks for the Girls

We have to believe inside that we deserve to be where we are, and to achieve what we have achieved. But we also have to understand that we cannot hold a belief that society owes us anything and instead make our own destinies, and likewise complain that nothing will ever change without understanding that we can control our own reality.