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‘The Unwritten Rules – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Career’

Anna Barez-Brown,
Aspire Programme Leader & Executive Coach

Anna is a highly experienced Aspire executive coach and facilitator with over 10 years experience of working with board level executives and managers to improve the quality of leadership, business performance and communication.  Her clients include SAP, Yahoo, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Linklaters, Freshfields LLP and KPMG.

According to a recent Catalyst report, “The number one thing people wish they had known in their career is about organisational politics, becoming visible, and advocating more for themselves, that “just” working hard is not enough to succeed”. Without political savvy skills, it may be that you can get overlooked on the career ladder and miss out on the credit for your ideas or achievements. Anna will share ideas and strategies on how to grow your skills in being highly politically savvy while acting from high integrity and a psychology of consensus.


To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before…

The BBC has ‘courageously’ challenged tradition and enraged traditionalists by announcing a female Dr Who but there is still a big difference today in 2017 in the image that many companies portray and what really goes on behind closed doors as regards the appointment of women leaders.