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‘Grow Your Relationship with Money’

Robert Silverstone,
Founder, The GROW Principle

Robert is an internationally known speaker in the field of personal development. He is the creator of the book and program “GROW Your Relationship With Money” and was named as ‘One of the Top 50 Minds on Personal Development’ by Leadership Excellence Magazine. He believes that whether you need to negotiate higher fees, ask for that pay rise, build a business, raise funds for a charity or make more money to fund the life of your dreams, a strong and healthy emotional relationship with money and an abundant mind-set is critical to success. Traditional financial training and money management addresses only the practical - Robert goes deeper and transforms you, your career and your life. Robert is particularly passionate about women and money and the transformational affect that women and girls have on their families, the economy and the world.


Building Blocks for the Girls

We have to believe inside that we deserve to be where we are, and to achieve what we have achieved. But we also have to understand that we cannot hold a belief that society owes us anything and instead make our own destinies, and likewise complain that nothing will ever change without understanding that we can control our own reality.