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‘DareThe Difference’ - Learning and feedback session in small groups

Carolyn Dawson,
Aspire Director of Open Programmes

Carolyn is Aspire's Director of Open Programmes and is an executive coach, trainer and workshop leader who has trained hundreds of women leaders and managers.

Carolyn is also an Executive Director for The Samaritans and regularly goes into prisons to provide support for male prisoners. Passionate about introverted women developing the power of their leadership aligned with authenticity and a balanced life, Carolyn is a powerful force for women who aspire to do and be more in their life, work and world. 



To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before…

The BBC has ‘courageously’ challenged tradition and enraged traditionalists by announcing a female Dr Who but there is still a big difference today in 2017 in the image that many companies portray and what really goes on behind closed doors as regards the appointment of women leaders.