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Aspire Trailblazing Women Leaders Programme Calendar

From graduates to managers to executives, join women leaders from across businesses, industries, backgrounds and ages and Dr Sam Collins, named as 'One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen, for the Aspire 2017 Trailblazing Women Leaders Programme. Be inspired, empowered and receive the practical tools and network you need to achieve your biggest aspirations for your life, work and world.

When you book your place on an Aspire event, you also play an active part in supporting our goal to make a difference to 1 billion women by 2020 via The Aspire Foundation.


The Aspire 2017 M.A.D. Movement Webinar - The 5 Top Tips to be a M.A.D. Leader

Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 4.00pm UK (5.00pm CET) for 60 minutes

Be part of the Aspire M.A.D. Movement to make a difference to 1 billion women and girls by 2020. The ability to be 'M.A.D.' (Make A Difference) is a critical component of success and fulfilment in today’s competitive organisations, unstable economies and volatile world. For real change to occur, we need a critical number of women in leadership positions and also to develop the feminine qualities and strengths in men.

Join us online at a complimentary leadership development webinar to be a 'M.A.D.' leader in your life, work and world.


To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before…

The BBC has ‘courageously’ challenged tradition and enraged traditionalists by announcing a female Dr Who but there is still a big difference today in 2017 in the image that many companies portray and what really goes on behind closed doors as regards the appointment of women leaders.