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The Aspire 2019 Strategic You one-day workshop

Thursday, 31st January 2019 at Etc. Venues County Hall, Riverside Building, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB, UK

Taking the time out to vision, strategise and gain new ideas on how to approach your career, team or organisational development is critical to success, personal fulfillment and the capacity to achieve results and make a difference to others.

We are delighted that Dr Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire, named 'One of the Top 10 Executive Coaches in the UK’ by The Independent on Sunday and recognised by her Majesty, The Queen as one of 'The Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry' will be in the UK to facilitate this one-day workshop personally with a limited number of attendees.


  • Be more strategic, visionary and big picture about your career, team and performance goals.
  • Take yourself and others to the next level of success, gain better results and improve performance.
  • Advance your career and realise the aspirations of yourself, your team and organisation.
  • Inspire yourself and others to perform to their highest levels with optimism and hope.
  • Be as successful as possible in a new role, or any new responsibilities you are taking on.
  • Figure out your next move and finally gain a career and level of work/life balance that works for you.

Benefits you will gain:

  • Develop your strategic, visionary and big picture thinking skills that you can apply to your career, work results or community and wider world.
  • Improve your strategic acumen, leadership skills and decision making ability.
  • Create an inspiring and strategic vision and goals for either your own career/life or your team or your business/organisation in 2019.
  • Gain diverse perspectives and generate new ideas to solve your up and coming obstacles & challenges.
  • Learn how to ‘chunk down’ your vision into real milestones, goals and plans.
  • Grow your ability to make fast and effective choices through tapping into your gut and intuition.
  • Move away from a 'to do' list mentality to a bigger picture focus on what you need to achieve and what you can let go of.
  • Learn to say no, delegate effectively and focus on the real priorities to achieve your strategic vision.
  • Be exposed to new leadership thinking that will create tangible benefit for yourself and your organisation.
  • Get out of the office for a day to focus on yourself, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Helps to keep you on your toes and out of your inbox!
  • Be part of an inspiring external network with tangible business and personal benefits to yourself and your organisation.
  • Gain new ideas and contribute to your organisational diversity and inclusion goals to advance, develop and retain women leaders.
  • Leave with an action plan, support, accountability and planning method that will enable you to achieve and measure your success.

Corporate price per place = £795.00 + VAT. Register at bottom of page. We offer special rates of £495 + VAT for non-profits, small business (fewer than 200 employees) and self-funding individuals - contact us here for details. Please contact us here for rates for Aspire Rewards Trailblazers.

Group Discounts: Bring friends or colleagues with you. For 2 people receive a 10% discount on usual rates; for 3-5 people receive a 15% discount and for 6-10 people receive a 20% discount. Email us here to register for group rates.

£795 + VAT

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Building Blocks for the Girls

We have to believe inside that we deserve to be where we are, and to achieve what we have achieved. But we also have to understand that we cannot hold a belief that society owes us anything and instead make our own destinies, and likewise complain that nothing will ever change without understanding that we can control our own reality.