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The Aspire 2019 Time & Life Leadership Webinar

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 at 4.00pm UK (5.00pm CET) for 90 minutes. If you cannot make this date/time, you can register anyway and receive the event recording the next day.

Special 50% discount rate available until the end of December only.

Many of the usual time management techniques have limited impact or are not sustainable for long term happiness and success. It’s time to take a new and fresh look at how you manage your time, discover what you really want to achieve and move to peak performance, personal fulfilment and ultimate career and home success.


  • Move away from time management (running to get things done and over working) to time leadership, empowering yourself and others for maximum impact and results.
  • Learn an empowering time leadership system that maximises your time, minimises distractions and helps turn your aspirations into reality.
  • Develop your decision-making abilities; know your key work and life priorities and where to focus your time and where not to!
  • Create strategies to handle whatever or whoever is stopping you achieving the best from your time, career and performance.
  • Learn how to effectively say no, delegate and increase your impact by learning how to say yes to strengths focused roles, tasks and projects.
  • Create your daily 'genius time' where you can be strategic and have space to think and plan.
  • Gain strategies for dealing with unexpected demands, endless 'to do' lists and time drains.
  • Understand that looking after yourself is fundamental to success and not a selfish act.
  • Have more peace of mind, kill the worry and guilt monster and reduce negative self talk on what you are and are not achieving.
  • Leave with practical actions that will propel you and others to make your goals a reality.
  • Get out of your inbox for 90 minutes to focus on yourself, come out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself.
  • Gain new ideas and best practices to contribute to your diversity and inclusion goals to advance, develop and empower women leaders in your organisation and in your wider community and world.

This event is delivered by  Dr Sam Collins, one of the Top Ten Executive Coaches in the UK, winner of the Leader in the Workplace award for social leadership and recognised by Her Majesty, The Queen as one of the UK's Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry

Price per place = £74.50 + VAT until the end of December only. (Usual rate = £149 + VAT/place). Register at bottom of page.

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Building Blocks for the Girls

We have to believe inside that we deserve to be where we are, and to achieve what we have achieved. But we also have to understand that we cannot hold a belief that society owes us anything and instead make our own destinies, and likewise complain that nothing will ever change without understanding that we can control our own reality.